Effective agents - The herbal components of Gabolexin

Main components:

Gabolexin has made from 100% herbal components, which are all well known in medical history about beneficent effects on tumorous diseases. The effectiveness of the formula is based on the proper mixture of these herbal components.

Water-horse radish (Nasturtium officinale)

Among several kind of races of it they favor it wet humid soil highland but also small back gardens. It's good effect due to its relatively high sulfur. Components high concentration of A, C and E vitamins, calcium. It has been taken the most effective herbal plant.

High contents of antibiotics increase its inflammation reducing effect it plays a great part in curing respiratory, lungs diseases, and very effective to restore vascular disorders, cleans the vascular system, regulates blood pressure. Due to its high sulfur contents, helps and prevent and excellent against malignant tumors.

Redtrefoll (Clover, Trifolium pretense)

It's ovum and flower prevents wide range of diseases, reduces disorders as contains all important trace elements indispensable for the glands and good condition for the whole body.

Beneficial effects on:

  • gall bladder diseases
  • liver problems
  • rheumatic diseases
  • nerve system problems
  • stomach problems
  • auricular disorders


  • Strengths an cleans the blood
  • excellent against colic and phlegm
  • reduces inflammations
  • increases fertility
  • very important in the fight against "free radicals" due to its effective agent

Benedict Grass (Cnicus benedictus)

It came from the sunny Italy by the contribution of monks of Benedictine. It's rooted in sunny Mediterranean territories. Because of its bitter taste as a basic element is important in liquor producing. It makes digestion quicker, improves appetite, good for gall problems protecting the liver and good for gynecological problems. Particularly good in cases of irregular cases strong bleeding of menses, prevents from inflammations due to its antibiotic contents.


Two summered plant can be found along roads and forests in the meadow. Three of its races possess similar curing effect. It's root is suitable for medical aims. Collecting time from Oct. to Apr. the root is extremely bitter it's no wonder because it contains bitter stuffs in high percentage of organic acid. It is excellent for urine, gallstone and blood cleaning.

Dermatology effects are undisputable for eczema and long term healing wounds. As an essence can be used to ease pain in the muscle and joints and highly offered by the special literature.

Rhubarb (Rheum)

As one of the members of sorrel branch plants every parts of it is very important for the medicine industry. It's so unassuming that the poorest soil is suitable for it, while its curing effect has been known by the human for 4500 years.

Hrubarb is ideal for those going on diet because 10dkg of it contains only 16 kcal. At the same time it's very rich in fiber s gaining high percentage of calcium magnesium, iron and C B A vitamins.

The root in small portions improves the appetite in bigger portions has purge effect, excellent to strength the stomach. The real value lies in its inflammation reducing pain killer and contractive power. In peoples medication it has well been used to cure inflammations in the gum.

Green tea (Camellia sinensis) essence

There were written records as early as BC 2700 about the beneficial effect of the green tea and we have consumed it for 5000years. Regular drinking can protect several chronic diseases. It contains chemicals which can reduce the danger of certain cancer and vascular system.

Noni (Morinda citrifolia)

It is a fruit with extremely good curing effect. Here in central Europe we can't hear much about it. In Polynesia, China and India it has been used for 2000 years by people in immigration it was delivered to other territories of the Atlantic ocean, to Tahiti, Hawaii, Malaysia everywhere on volcano based soil just like the Aloe and Alga and Papaya the Noni has been considered as herbal plant. Its wide range of usage due to its good effect end regulation power on the cells and immune system.


  • reduce high blood pressure
  • stops pains of menses
  • reduces joint pains
  • seizes ulcer
  • helps to cure sprain
  • makes the wound healing quicker
  • prevents depression
  • makes senility slower
  • helps digestion problems
  • reduces atherosclerosis
  • reduces the problems of the vascular system
  • helps in drug dependency
  • painkilling cures
  • burn wounds
  • effective on tropical infections
  • block cancer related cell pullulate

Brown seaweed (Phaeophyceae)

Because of its high content of iodine it can be applied to cure or as protection on the thyroid with lack of satisfactory hormone producing. Also available as fat reducing medicine. It particularly effective in case of overweightness caused by hormone deficiency of the thyroid with lack of iodine.

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